Feel more than home.
Welcome to our restaurant.
Quite unlike a normal hotel restaurant, there are several unique features that make Salt Restaurant a popular choice with our guests as well as the locals.
We aim to provide fresh, home-like food made under strict supervision of the ladies of the family. We serve North Indian and Continental cuisine with a minimal use of oil and chillies. The menu for Indian as well as Continental dishes changes every day which ensures a fresh menu every day , as well as a wide range of options.
Visual Menu: A unique feature of Salt Restaurant - All available dishes for the day are put on display, which means you know the portion size as well as the product that you will be getting, no surprises and guess work required as you try to decipher the menu as in a regular restaurant.
Fresh salads, using organic vegetables whenever possible; availability of seasonal Indian vegetables and not just the regular curries, authentic Italian pasta are some of the things that make food at the Salt Restaurant a delightful experience.
We have an open kitchen, and guests are encouraged to take a look inside, ensuring that the highest levels of hygiene are maintained.
We can also do buffet meals on special occasions as well as for large groups. However, on a regular basis, guests are encouraged to take their own choices from our wide range of dishes.